Shale Oil & Gas

Resource estimates indicate the Devonian-age Marcellus Shale is the largest exploration play in the eastern United States. Recently, the application of horizontal drilling combined with multi-staged hydraulic fracturing to create permeable flow paths from wellbores into shale units has resulted in a drilling boom for the Marcellus in the Appalachian Basin states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, southern New York, and eastern Ohio. This proven technology also may have application in other shale units, such as the Ordovician-age Utica Shale, which extends across much of the Appalachian Basin region. The thickness and widespread geographical extent of the Utica Shale may prove to be just as significant as the Marcellus Shale.

These are the most exciting, complex and challenging economic developments to occur in Ohio in many decades. PANDEY is prepared to provide long term support to producers, service companies and drilling companies as they encounter often unchartered engineering and environmental obstacles.

Our reputation and expertise allows us to provide support to Marcellus and Utica owners and operators in the following areas:
  • Water Resource Development
  • Baseline Potable Water Source Assessments (pre-drill surveys)
  • Water Treatment, Disposal and Discharge Options
  • Ecological
  • Well Permitting and Discharge Permitting
  • Site Assessment
  • Waste
  • Regulatory Support
  • Renewable Energy
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Management
  • Geographic Information Systems - (GIS) Services