Engineering & Remediation

PANDEY's reputation has made us the winning contender for remediation projects of all sizes and complexity. As a rule, we attract clients with the most complex and multi-faceted environmental remediation needs.

We excel by serving the best interest of our clients. This is particularly evident in choosing appropriate corrective action and remediation strategies. We provide engineering services ranging from simple residential to highly complex industrial properties, designing each project to meet the specific needs of our clients and applicable regulations. PANDEY's size coupled with our technical experience, and reputation in the industry, gives us the ability to assemble diverse teams and technologies, which allows us to rapidly respond to each client's unique circumstances and provide them with "best-in-class" solutions.

Our experience includes multiple bench scale and pilot scale treatability studies on innovative technologies for soil and/or groundwater remediation. We have investigated and designed remediation systems for former landfills, RCRA facilities, aboveground and underground storage tank sites, and industrial facilities. We maintain consistent oversight for all remediation activities to ensure a high level of quality throughout assessment and remediation.