Gowdy Field

A former landfill is now home to The Ohio State University's- The Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center, OSU Eye and Ear Institute, and Time Warner's Regional Headquarters. In addition to the construction jobs generated by redevelopment of this site; these three businesses support over 1,200 employees on-site.

Formerly known as Gowdy Field, this property was in a prime location; however, development was stymied due to its historical use as a solid waste landfill from approximately 1950 until 1969. Buried materials generated dangerous hydrogen sulfide and methane gas.

PANDEY secured $6 million in CORF cleanup grant funding for this property. We managed all assessment and remedial activities and continue to monitor environmental conditions at the site. PANDEY was also successful in obtaining the first VAP Covenant Not to Sue for a former landfill property from the Ohio EPA.