State & Local Government

PANDEY works with governments, non-profits, regional authorities and potential developers to quantify environmental liabilities and pursue all available funding options for assessment and remediation. We provide site assessments, prepare grants, create strategic plans, and work with local communities and potential developers to move idle and impaired properties to productive use.

We prepare Urban Setting Designations (USD's) which either eliminate or substantially reduce the burden to remediate contaminated groundwater in a community. A USD makes a specific property and a community more attractive to developers and relocating businesses.

We have successfully obtained US EPA grant funding to prepare Community Wide Plans, including Brownfield Inventories. These Plans and Inventories identify Brownfield opportunities in the community which may be eligible to receive additional State or Federal grants to assist with assessment and remediation.

PANDEY also provides our government clients with environmental monitoring and compliance support. Our experience and expertise ensures the sampling will be performed correctly and on schedule, while our strong relationships with state and federal regulators ensures any problems encountered are addressed in a beneficial manner.