Funding Sources

You have the land, the vision, and community support. But still, the site sits vacant because of potential environmental liabilities.

These situations are both frustrating and unnecessary. Funding to offset environmental cleanup cost is available from many sources if you know where to look and how to navigate the intricacies of each funding opportunity. The funding may come in the form of grants, loans and/or tax incentives.

With PANDEY's programmatic understanding, we can ensure every issue is addressed and no option is overlooked in the funding of your project. We have successfully obtained the maximum funds for every grant application we prepared, helping our clients secure nearly $25 million in vital redevelopment funding to date. Major funding sources include the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund, the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund, the Industrial Site Improvement Fund, the Ohio Department of Development Discretionary Fund, the US EPA Brownfield Fund, and the Green Columbus Fund.