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PANDEY's High Vacuum Dual Phase Extraction (HVDPE) Trailer Unit with GAC Air Treatment.

The PANDEY HVDPE rental unit is capable of extracting from multiple points to provide effective remediation of VOCs in vadose zone soil (silty clays to tills) or bedrock (fractured and/or weakly cemented sandstone). Once extracted, the VOC-contaminated vapor stream is sent through an air/water separator to remove any liquid, prior to passing through the extraction pump. If a large amount of liquid generation is anticipated, a holding tank is also available. After exiting the pump, the VOC-contaminated vapor stream is cooled by an air-to-air heat exchanger then passes through a condensate tank before entering the granular activated carbon (GAC) vessel. The GAC vessel is staged outside of the trailer; therefore, multiple vessels may be utilized in series, if desired. After passing through the GAC vessel(s), the treated vapor stream is discharged to the atmosphere. During operation, totalized VOC concentrations prior to GAC treatment are measured and displayed through an in-line photoionization detector (PID). The extraction flow is also able to be viewed. An alarm transmittal and data acquisition system is incorporated into the unit which is capable of transmitting/storing system alarms and continuously logging influent PID readings, air flow, vacuum, and water volume pumped from the air/water separator.

Our experience includes multiple bench scale and pilot scale treatability studies on innovative technologies for soil and/or groundwater remediation. We have investigated and designed remediation systems for former landfills, RCRA facilities, aboveground and underground storage tank sites, and industrial facilities. We maintain consistent oversight for all remediation activities to ensure a high level of quality throughout assessment and remediation.

General system specifications include the following:
• 14 ft x 8 ft enclosed trailer
• Highly automated operation
• Liquid ring vacuum pump (Dekker Vmax VMX0303KA1)
• 55 gallon capacity air/water separator with automatic transfer
• 450 or 1,000 pound GAC vessel(s)
• 240V 3-P 100A electric requirement

Click here for a piping and instrumentation diagram.

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